In pursuit of Engines.

This post serves two purposes; to spread some knowledge on how to show up in a search engine and to help this site do just that.  It’s important to include text and descriptions for images posted. Images alone won’t be good enough. Be sure to use accurate descriptions and key words to accompany your images. For example, if we wanted to associate Running Turkey Studios with specific images and artwork, we would type ‘Running Turkey Studios’ and insert an image.cropped-new-header22.jpg

In Progress

After a successful month of producing beer label artwork/designs and fine art giclee prints for Empirical Brewery and the Indiana Dunes Birding Festival, respectively, Running Turkey Studios has dedicated this next month to site maintenance.  We are aiming to bring a wide amount of content for entertainment and to boost web traffic along with search engine results. Currently we couldn’t be found if our life depended on it. 😋

In the meanwhile, here is a work in progress of a Blue Crowned Motmot from founding member, Aaron Melendez. Watercolour on Arches 140 lb ColdPress.image